I have more than a decade of experience writing news stories, feature articles, profiles and more with a focus on medical, health, and science content for print and digital publications, universities, associations, and scientific journals. My work has appeared online and in print for Newsweek, National Geographic, Huffington Post, Consumer Reports, Everyday Health, Science, Environmental Health Perspectives, UCSF Magazine, American Association for Cancer Research, and others.

Cancer Today Magazine

A Return to Carnival

Environmental Health Perspectives

Lasting Impact of an Ephemeral Organ: The Role of the Placenta in Fetal Programming

UCSF Magazine

Who Will Benefit From Precision Medicine?

Huffington Post/ Food and Environment Reporting Network

Is BPA Making Us Fat, Anxious and Sick? A New Effort to Find Out May Be Falling Apart.

Consumer Reports

How to Handle Fever, Cough, and Body Aches if You Have Mild COVID-19


What Does the Environment Have to Do With Diseases That Affect the Immune System?

AMC Outdoors

Fire in the Forest: The Science and History of Prescribed Burns in the New Jersey Pine Barrens


The Racial Discrimination Embedded in Modern Medicine

National Geographic News

The Last, Best Refuge for North America’s Bees

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